We are the Motorhead Urn Company

The concept for The Motorhead Urn Company came about in 2009 after James and Shanna lost a close friend.  Their friend had a lifelong love of heavy equipment, motorcycles, classic cars and especially big trucks such as the iconic Peterbilt semi truck.  He would hang around the parts house James managed for hours, just so he could be part of the "truck crowd."  From time to time he also did some deliveries for James.

At the time of his passing, James and Shanna wanted to do something for their friend that would commemorate the lifesyle he was so passionate about.  James turned to the shop his friend loved to spend time in looking for parts that eventually became the Piston Urn.  Crafted from a CAT 3406 engine piston, James formed the foundation of what is now our Basic and Deluxe Urn.

James made a few other urns over the next few years for friends and their relatives and finally decided he wanted to turn his full attention to building custom urns for truckers, car junkies, and motorcycle fanatics, all of which he is also passionate about. 

James and Shanna reside in Spokane Washington where he handcrafts each urn in his backyard workshop.  The urns are created out of parts from cars and trucks or are folded from sheet metal making them one-of-a-kind.  While it is James goal to have a small selection of urns on hand for immediate sales, he is passionate about customizing the urns to truly capture the lifestyle and character of you or your loved ones.

Please look through our gallery and don't hesitate to contact us so we can tailor a burial urn for you or your loved one today!